It's time to move forward

Many Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians are now looking for work in Europe. We offer career 'coffee hours' for those who need to grasp the local market and requirements.

Our mentors
Developers, marketing specialists, recruiters, designers, programmers, managers, teachers, and many more professionals are ready to share their experiences with you.

We can look at your CV, review your portfolio, help you navigate the market, answer questions about work cultures, suggest where to look for grants and scholarships, and perhaps make you a referral to the companies.

Our project targets those who lived until recently in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus and had to find a new job. That's why we will give consultations to those who need them most.

How does this work?

Find a mentor
We already have more than 50 members. Among us are programmers, designers, analysts, scientists, architects and just enthusiasts who are ready to help you to prepare for an interview and share their job search experiences.
Pick a time
Our mentors are available 2-3 sessions a week. See if they have any slots available and book a meeting through Calendly. Be sure to include your email address. The mentor will contact you and you can discuss what to discuss on the call.
Ask questions
We will be able to assist you better if you provide us with specific details.

For example:
  • What shall I change in my CV?
  • At my level, what sort of questions might be asked at a job interview?
  • Which questions should I ask a hiring manager during a job interview?
There is always room for improvement
We launched a few days ago, that's why something might not work perfectly. Drop us a message at, if there is something that caught your eye. We'll be happy to fix it.
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